APPLYING Mental Health Ideas Custom Essay

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Course Description 9: Chapter 16 : Specific Disorders and Treatments – DROP BOX: Applying Mental Health Ideas, Chapters 15, 16

Please answer the 2 application questions below in their entirety. Each question has multiple parts.
The best answers incorporate ideas or theories from our textbook and elaborate on your opinion.

Put your answers into a document, upload it to the drop box.


#1. Given psychology’s criteria of what "abnormal" is defined to be, (a) what factors do you think are most important in

making that determination? (b) What would worry you about a family member or friend’s behavior that would suggest unhealthy patterns?

VALUE = 10 points

#2. (a) Discuss one aspect of each of the various individual psychological therapies (described in Chapter 15) that you would consider

most helpful to someone.

(b) What are some of the other ways that people can address emotional or psychological issues, in your opinion? Chapters 15 & 16

AND the "Community Psychology and Prevention" lecture (in Chapter 15) discuss relevant ideas. You may have your own ideas or

information. Explain yourself using these materials.

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