Article Critique has three sections: (1) synopsis, (2) connections, and (3) critique & reflection Research Paper

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Each critique has three sections: (1) synopsis, (2) connections, and (3) critique & reflection.
(1) Synopsis: In this section you are to distill the essence of the article. It has two parts. First, in one sentence state of the thesis or central argument of the article. In other words, find the author’s thesis statement, or create one for the author. If you can find one in the article, feel free to quote it.
? What is a thesis statement? It is a statement of the main point in the article. The author is trying to persuade you about something. What is s/he trying to convince the reader of? The thesis statement is almost always found at the very beginning of an article.
? Why is it important to develop the skill of picking out the thesis statement? Because the thesis statement is a road map for the rest of the article. Everything in the article will revolve around the idea/argument in this statement. Identifying thesis statements is an essential skill in critical thinking as applied to Global Studies. – 11 – Second, outline the main points or elements of the article. You can do this in bulleted
outline form. In other words, what are the primary (first-level) points that support the thesis statement? What are the secondary (second-level) points? Your outline should be about one-half page, single spaced.
? Why is it important to develop the skill of outlining? Because you are training yourself to identify the key elements of a reading. Outlining is an essential skill in Global Studies because of the vast breadth of the field. We need to learn to quickly extract the essence of a reading. There are too many readings for us to go back and reread material.
Summary of requirements for the Synopsis section:
? one-sentence thesis statement
? one-half page, single-spaced outline of article.
(2) Connections: In this section you are to state what (if any) connection the article makes to the 4 domains used in this course, which for simplicity sake can be stated as:
? environment
? culture
? governance & security (politics)
? resources & development (economics).
Your statement of connection is to be brief (one paragraph). Does the article address the environment? Yes or no? If yes, how? Does the article address culture? Yes or no? If yes, how? Does the article address politics/security? Yes or no? If yes, how? Does the article address economics/development? Yes or no? If yes, how? My purpose with this section is to train you to think in terms of what’s in a reading and what?s NOT in it.
Summary of requirements for the Connections section:
? 4 short paragraphs: a one-paragraph statement for each of the 4 domains; one sentence in the case there is no connection to one of the domains.
(3) Critique & Refection: In this section you are to comment on and interpret the article. It is the most important section and has two parts.
First, you are to critique the author’s argument (thesis statement). Do you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not? Second, you are to reflect on what the article says to you about our global future. Up to this point in the critique, you have identified the author’s thesis statement and outlined his/her main points, you have analyzed the article for its connections to our four domain of Global Studies, and you have given your critique of the author’s argument(s). Now you are ready to think about the implications of what is conveyed in the article for our global future. – 12 – There are many ways of going about addressing this aspect. As one example, you can ask: What change is discussed in the article? What does this change imply for the future?
Feel free to link what you have to say to the lectures, textbook, other tutorial readings, and world news. You may also want to do outside research.
Summary of requirements for the Critique & Refection section:
? 1-2 page, double-spaced critique of author’s thesis statement
? 1-2 page, double-spaced reflection on our global future.
Also, for the first page of the critique I need it to be an outline please!!

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