Book REport; Small Business (Zane’s Cycles) Research Paper

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Review the Spotlight on Small Business (Zane’s Cycles) at page 439 of Chapter 14 of the course text. IGNORE the final paragraph which is a question you are NOT being asked to address.
Prepare an Environmental Scanning Report based on the content of this chapter. You may make reasonable assumptions (identify them). However, if you can base your content on real world data that would improve the quality of your submission
Note: Your entire submission should be the equivalent of approximately 1 page of text.
For Information about the text:
BUSI 1600 Winter 2012 course text
This course uses an e-text which is available through McGraw Hill Connect. You must purchase a Connect card at the bookstore (see below). You are not required to have a hard copy of the text.
The Connect card is required for this course. It will give you access to the following:
? E-text
? On line compulsory assignments, mid term test and final exam
? Self testing facilities
? Self study aids
Bookstore reference

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