Assignment 4:? Case Study Assignment.? Please see the course calendar for the due date Research Paper

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As mentioned in the course outline, you will have two options.? If you have access to a student/child (with a behaviour difficulty), whom you can observe and apply strategies, your case study will be about an actual student.? If you do not have access to a student/child, using the exceptionality you chose for your resource package, (you will already have information about behaviours, strategies, etc), you will ?create a student?.

Information on the following components is expected for the case study.? Value given to each component is indicated.

-Background information of the student (gender, age, grade, etc.) (1)

-Presenting behaviours (observations for a typical day ? use a sufficient block of time) (2)

-Summary of behaviours (frequency, intensity, patterns noticed, of the behaviours identified during your observation (2)

-Chose a behaviour to remediate (one that was present in your observations) (1)

-Explain why you chose that particular behaviour (1)

-Identify and discuss the strategies that you will use (5)

-Identify the challenges you and your student may face (2)

-Discuss the student?s behaviour during the implementation period (after 2, 4, 6 weeks) (2)

-Provide charts of baseline and intervention data (frequency of behaviour before and after strategies were implemented (2)

-Discuss future implications (what happens next?) (2)
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