Bandura states that four factors are central in observational learning Research Paper

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1. Bandura states that four factors are central in observational learning. List, explain, and give an example for each.
2. Define and explain cognitive dissonance. Provide an original example of cognitive dissonance as it relates to environmental psychology.
3. Teachers are concerned with a student who is making slow academic progress. When they speak with the parents, it is reported that the child is reluctant to go to school. Because neither the teachers nor the parents know why this is the case, a referral is made to the school?s educational psychologist. Who is the educational psychologist?s client: the child, the parents, the teachers, or the school system? Defend your choice.
4. There are a number of threats to our ecological sustainability that can be impacted in a positive way by psychologists. Give an example of how either a social cognitive theorist OR a behaviorist might approach an ecological threat and affect a positive change utilizing the tenets of your chosen theory.
5. How can educational psychologists affect positive changes in the lives of children?
6. Write an introductory pamphlet about the services a clinical psychologist provides so potential clients know what to expect when given an appointment.
7. What are the main differences in the role of the therapeutic relationship between the psychodynamic, behavioral, and cognitive behavioral orientations?
8. List five questions that would help you judge the value of a research study. You are not to develop hypotheses but questions that will help one judge if the research study was conducted in a scientific way and, therefore, has merit.

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