Book Review for Zola Novel Research Paper

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This paper is like a book review of Emile Zola’s “The Ladies Paradise”
This is an history course named, A history of fashion in Europe.
Since it is history class, detailed date and historical background is require in this paper.
First, the topic is we have to choose. The topic can be anything from the book. Just anything that canbe talked about the historical background at that time with examples from the book.
The example professor gave us is different dating habits of two characters in this book, Clara and Denis.
Examples are like relation between the shop womens, or how to make women seduced and exotic in 1860s.
Such as this examples, the theme of this paper should be found anything from the book.

need a quoutes
and no summary of the book.
but supporting evidence from the book.

If secondary sources are need, foot note is required on the bottom.
Other information about this paper will be posted as soon as I get them.

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