British literature from 1780s to now Custom Paper

Written to a Very high college level.

• Look up and xerox 1 full-length scholarly article—a substantial article of at least 10 pages
• Articles pertaining to one of the works or authors we have studied (do NOT use Shelley)….see below,

A list of all in class readings…

(Tu 1/14: Introduction: Democratic Revolutions (Shelley “Song Men of England”149; “England 1819” 150; Blake “London”8; “Songs of Experience: Introduction”4; “I saw a chapel”10)
Th 1/16: Democratic Revolutions (Blake “The Tyger” 7 “And did those feet in ancient time”22; Wordsworth “The Prelude” Book XI 47-48; “On the Extinction of the Venetian Republic” 40; “The World is too much with us” 51; Coleridge “The Dungeon” 62)
Week 2
Tu 1/21: Democratic Revolutions (Byron “Darkness” 127 “On this Day I Complete” 143; Shelley “Ozymandias” 147 “Stanzas Written in Dejection” 147)
Th 1/23: Retreat (Coleridge “Frost at Midnight” 100; Wordsworth “Solitary Reaper” 42 “Lines Composed . . .Tintern Abbey” 25) Journal Entry #1 DUE
Week 3
Tu 1/28: Abolition First ½ Equiano; Wordsworth “To Toussaint L’Ouverture 40; Blake “The Little Black Boy” 3)

Th 1/30: Abolition Second ½ Equiano; [Victorian Reader Martineau and Dickens on slavery pp281-287]
Week 4 (nb. We will be reading approximately 66 pages of Wuthering Heights per class meeting—please read the assignment before the class meeting
Tu 2/4: Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 1-9
Th 2/6 Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 10-16 [ Journal #2 DUE]
Week 5
Tu 2/11: Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 17-24
Th 2/13: Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte: Chapters 25-END
Week 6
Tu 2/18: Byron “Don Juan”: I, cc-cciii 138-139; “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” [Ocean] 136-138; “She Walks in Beauty” 114-5; “The Girl of Cadiz” 113; DISCUSS MID-TERM & PAPER #1 TOPICS
Th 2/20: Keats “Ode to a Nightingale” 216 “When I have fears” 228 “Ode on Melancholy” 223 “On the Sea” 227-8 “Lines on the Mermaid Tavern” 221 Journal #3 DUE
Week 7
Th 2/27: Sketches by Boz Charles Dickens (from “Scenes”: ‘The Streets—Morning’ 69; ‘The Streets—Night’ 74; ‘Gin-Shops’ 214; ‘The Pawnbroker’s Shop’ 220)

• Articles only from MLA data base—go to 1.UM library site “databases” 3.scroll to MLA under “M” 4.type terms into MLA search engine in the SUBJECT—not the “Author” category– and find article of interest 5.some articles are available on-line others are book chapters or in bound journals—ask a UM librarian to help you locate if need be 6.try to select RECENT articles as older scholarship tends to be out-of-date (although not always!!)
• UM librarians can help you locate and print out your article if you have difficulties
• For the article:
1. bullet-point paraphrase the article’s argument (approx. 2-4 pages double-spaced)
2. For the remaining double-spaced pages, respond to the article in some way. You may want to amplify one particular point in the article or disagree with it, or puzzle out a particularly difficult concept or passage in the article.
• Be sure to include xeroxed copy of your article with your paper. I need to refer to the article as I grade your papers
• 5-7 pages

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