The assessment criteria for the Intermediate Reflective Learning Report shown below will give you a good idea as to what is required in this assignment Custom Essay

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The assessment criteria for the Intermediate Reflective Learning Report shown below will give you a good idea as to what is required in this assignment. You should develop the text of your Intermediate Reflective Learning Report in TWO areas relating to TWO of the MBAIB Key Management Skills Your Tutor will monitor your progress over the first 23 weeks of your Internship through your Learning Journal entries; remember the regularity and strength of your contributions to this Journal will count towards your mark. Please remember that Moodle can easily produce a summary listing of the contributions you have made for your Tutor to use in assessing your work.

The structure of each section is for you to decide – this is Postgraduate study – but students in the past have found the following template helpful. Remember the text relating to each MBAIB Key Management Skill needs to be constantly edited down to 1250 words per skill throughout the Professional Practice 1 and Professional Practice 2 Courses. Each time you make a contribution and add to your text you need to consider whether or not something else needs to be put in a more abbreviated or summary form; or linked to other experiences as one of a group of related experiences.

MBAIB Key Skill…………
Steps taken to negotiate opportunities to practice and develop this skill as a part of your Internship (approx max 100 words).
Brief summary of the experiences you have had to date where you have practiced or learnt something about this skill. It is usually helpful to group these in some way; chronologically to indicate development; similarity of the experience; etc….. Please do not forget basic details like date(s), staff involved (positions or titles are usually more helpful than names) (Approx max 400 words)
Your review of the literature which ends with a model(s) and/or standard(s) of practice that you can use to analyse, critique, judge, and make suggestions for improvement about your organisations and (separately) your practice in relation to this skill. When reviewing the literature start with the general literature first – this usually means books. Then move to the more specialist and up to date literature – the refereed journal articles and web based sources (remembering all the time to evaluate the authority, credibility and provenance of the sources – in particular web based sources). The wider your reading and the closer you get to developing a checklist that is up to date and relevant to YOUR situation the better the mark you will get. (Approx max 400 words)
Your analysis, critique and judgements as to how your Internship Organisation’s and your practice compare with the model/standards suggested by the literature. You will probably want to suggest ways in which each of you could improve your performance and, if these suggestions have been implemented by either, how successful (or not) they were. (Approx max 200 Words)
As a result of you experiences a critique of the literature in this area commenting on its adequacy, usefulness and relevance to your situation. (Approx max 100 Words)
A summary of what you have learnt and how you learnt it – you may wish to use ideas from the Reflective Learning Literature here that you explored in your Group Wiki. (Approx max 100 Words)

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