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In The Responsibility Revolution, the authors, Jeffrey Hollender and Bill Breen, show what Seventh Generation and other organizations have done to become

more financially, socially, and environmentally sustainable. They say more innovative ideas are needed if we hope to transform the world into a better


Please provide a thorough, college level paper describing the key points of their propositions that you BOTH agree with and that you disagree with. This is

NOT just a simple pro and con type paper. This writing needs to be thorough, well researched and properly sourced. That means that if you agree with

something, you need to explain in detail why and cite real world examples you find to back up your point of view. When you disagree with a position they
hold, tell me why and tell me how you would improve on their notions. Importantly, show me real world examples of companies implementing the ideas you

agree with or those that use your alternate point of view to accomplish their missions.

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