Business Report on Company (company competitor analysis) Research Paper

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Individual Business Report Company Level (Part 2)
Assessment Task
As a newly appointed Marketing Assistant at Company X you have been allocated a simplified competitor analysis task that will provide your manager with an opportunity to assess your potential. You are required to provide a report on Company Y.(allocated comapny is IKEA)
The report may used as the basis of future marketing activity so it should contain
FULLY REFERENCED EVIDENCE supporting your findings.
(1) Your report should include the following details:
? A competitor response profile for Company Y. (50%)
? Simple replication of data or material from the available sources will not be enough to achieve a good grade.
? Remember to develop your analysis as discussed in the lecture on Financial Strategy.
? Your predictions regarding the future direction of the competitor’s activities. (30%)
? You will need to support your predictions with evidence from the available sources.
(2) One of your manager’s objectives in setting this task is:
? To assess your ability to write clearly for a highly
knowledgeable audience. (20%)
? You will need to think about your management’s information needs when collecting and analysing your data.
? A simple list of possible activities is not likely to effectively demonstrate your ability to consider the issues.
(3) Ask yourself the following questions when structuring your report:
? Why did your manager choose you for this task rather than just reading Mintel and/or Keynote?
? Does your report accurately explain the competitor’s situation and possible future strategy?

Retail Marketing
Assessment Guidelines
? Presentation
? Use a Business Report format
? The report is limited to a total length of 4 sides of A4.
? Report should be in Arial 11 point font, single-spaced
? Referencing in Harvard Format
? Report should contain a bibliography and references
? The report length excludes title page, bibliography, references and appendices. (The appendices are limited to a maximum of 4 pages)
? Penalties
Exceeding page limit – deduct 5% for each additional page
Poor presentation – deduct 5%
Lack of referencing in text of report

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