Creative writing: Last writings I have some questions please according to the readings that you read before and online answer to them Research Paper

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Thank you for the last writings I have some questions please according to the readings that you read before and online answer to them…thank you
1. Describe different types of research, such as basic research vs. applied research;
qualitative research vs. quantitative research
2. Describe specific methods of research deign, such as historical research, descriptive
research, exploratory research, correlational research, etc.
3. Understand the three motivations for doing research, i.e., descriptive, identification of
relationship/difference, and explanation (inferring cause and effect).
4. What is an independent, a dependent, and a control variable?
5. Differentiate between a null, a two-tailed alternative hypothesis and a one-tailed
(directional) alternative hypothesis.
6. What is an example of a linear positive, a linear negative, a curvilinear, and an alternative
interaction hypothesis?
7. Describe the differences in experimental, quasi-experimental, & ex post facto designs.
8. Identify specific research designs based on the description of the study.
9. Design and diagram various experimental, quasi-experimental, and ex post facto (non
experimental) designs.
10. What is internal validity of a study? External validity? What are the threats to each?
11. Why is random assignment of subjects to groups so important in research design?
12. Describe pros and cons of giving a pretest in a study.
13. How many independent variables and cells would a 5 x 2 factorial design have? How
many hypotheses would it be able to test?
14. Why is the Solomon four-group design often called the perfect research design?
15. Compare and contrast within-subject and between-subject designs

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