Business Statistics; Chartered Management Institute (CMI) published a report on Bullying at work Research Paper

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In September 2005, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) published a report on Bullying at work: The Experience of Managers. The report may be found by following the link below.
gives the results of this survey.

You are required to write a short review (not more than 1,000 words, excluding appendix and bibliography) of the report, which should include:

a) what part statistical methods have played in the production of the report
b) an evaluation of the survey report in terms of its validity and reliability
c) an evaluation of the presentation methods used, for example identifying and discussing any anomalies (for example ? inconsistencies, errors, misleading presentation methods), or omissions (for example the use of graphs) from a statistical view point.

Note: You should focus not on the actual questions posed to the respondents, but to the way in which the survey was undertaken and the reporting of results.

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