Research Paper; important to present your work correctly and learning to do so at an early stage, by consulting these guidelines Research Paper

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1.3.2 Written Presentations
There word limit for the individual written report is 4,000 words (plus or minus 5%). However, you may include any additional, relevant material in the appendix which is not included in your word count.

It is important to present your work correctly and learning to do so at an early stage, by consulting these guidelines, may save you time and trouble in the long run.

The report should be written according to the highest standards of English usage. The Oxford English Dictionary is recommended as the ultimate authority. Avoid the use of the first person in the main report. Conciseness of expression is expected and sentences should be constructed in order neither to be too long and convoluted, nor e-mail or texting style. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. Clarity is increased by adopting a logical order of presentation (especially regarding paragraphs or section headings).

Although spell checks are invaluable for detecting typing errors and the odd spelling mistake, they are no substitute in the end for careful proof reading. You cannot rely on a spell check which will not, for example, pick up mistakes which sometimes may be related to grammar (such as their/there) when these are in fact quite different words in the dictionary.

Careful editing is essential and it is sometimes difficult to detect mistakes in your own work with which you are familiar. You are strongly advised to persuade a friend or colleague to read through your work in its final form. It is not the task of your tutor to do this for you.

Numbers below one hundred in the main text are usually spelt out in full (e.g., sixty-five), as well as those which can be expressed in two words (three million); but 2,760 specimens, 516 students. Numerals should be used for dates (consecutive years should appear as 1992-93, not 1992-3 or 1992/93), street numbers, decimals, exact sums of money and percentages (with ?per cent? spelt out rather than %). Uniformity is important; mixtures of words and numbers should always be avoided.

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