Calculation of Beta (Systematic Risk) Custom Essay

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I have attached a scan of my original paper submitted to the professor with his comments on it (file name:”Beta). I have also attached my updated work with some editing on the previous one ( file name:”updated beta!”), Also, I have attached a paper of one my colleagues that got an A on his paper (file name:Beta of my friend), please check it carefully and try to adopt the same methods he did in his paper.

You can see that in my paper with the teacher?s comment that he wrote that it?s poorly done and I have received a disappointing grade on it, however I will resubmit it and I want to get an A this time. That’s why I am asking for your help. I need you to review it for me please and correct all errors according to the teacher?s notes and the following instructions:

I will give you the instructions clearly, so please follow them accurately!

First of all, be objective not subjective, don’t use the word I or we. The report has to be interesting as if your telling him a story about the chosen company and the report must be reader friendly and organized. Professional master standard.

The paper should strictly include the following sections:

Focus/ purpose
publicly available information to estimate
Our company’s Beta
2-Empirical Model: the equation, put data in and calculate it..state the model we are doing (CAPM; include literature) and what it predicts. Looking at our% change of the firm compared to the % of the index how is the performance? under preforming or what?
3- Data: Descriptive statistics show them In graphs and tables that only report what you are going to talk about such as the Mean, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, range.. Ect. Anything else can be put as it is in the appendix.

4-Analysis/ methodology:
Step 1-6 gather data
Adjusting data – sorting
Estimating beta/ graph
?all of this analysis is based on simple regression. Remember that in finance, we define risk as variation.
?Also remember that the CAPM says that the only risk for which the investor is compensated is systematic risk. Systematic risk is the risk that is correlated with the return to the market; when the return to the market goes up, systematic return should also increase.
?But in addition to systematic risk, stock prices will reflect risks that are unique to the firm.
The fluctuation in returns brought about by non-market information is called non- systematic, or company specific risk.
The CAPM says that total risk is simply a sum of the systematic and unsystematic risk. And all risk is measured by the variance of the return.

5- results:
Interpreting beta, looking at the size and sign of beta. Identify if the share today is under performing or not? Is the share worth buying? Predict what they believe will happen. ( the trend )
?As a final check of the accuracy of your estimate, you can compare your beta estimate to that of online investing information like Finance Yahoo or MSN Money. When you do that check that it’s the same period.

Finding the price More demanding.
Analysis and study following pages.
You may not be able to calculate any further but See if you can find additional relevant ? You may have to ?guesstimate? guess /estimate
Practical application of valuation models
– income projections, cash flow projections
-required return calculations, Gordon Growth model calculations
– estimate economic value, dividend data, income statement?

6- conclusion: suggestions ex. With larger data sample … Or more investigation can be..
Practical application

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