Sociology Project; Sociology Course Project Custom Essay

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This is not designed to be a term paper. The project is designed to align with the course outcomes as well as bolster your ability to critically analyze social phenomenon. The outcomes include:
– Apply a sociological frame of reference to events, patterns, and societal trends they encounter in everyday life. They will grasp how all human experience is “socially constructed.”
– Use a “sociological imagination” to discover and explore the links between personal experience and social structure, between biography and history, both for themselves and for others. They will learn how to “put themselves in the place of the other.”
– Use core concepts, theoretical perspectives, and sociological research methods to understand and to influence the features of societies and cultures that shape people’s lives.
You are going to answer specific questions or respond with specific material. And you?ll hand in all of the questions and your answers into the class Dropbox. The date for handing all of the material (no extensions) is in the calendar and I?ll announce it again in the ?News? section of the course homepage.
To begin with, you need to read the short excerpt of C. Wright Mills? essay on the sociological imagination. The parts I want you to read are in the content section under the Sociology Project module. After reading that, you?ll have a better idea of what I am looking for in terms of specific questions.
The final product will have 8 steps and these parts are listed below. You?ll place each of these steps in your document followed by your response to the steps.
Step 1: Choose an issue that you believe is sociologically significant. This is going to be an issue in the text that your find interesting AND has particular meaning to you. Provide a broad overview of the issue.
Step 2: Gather information from the mainstream media on this issue. What do various media sources say about this topic? How do the media reports reflect your own experience with the topic?
Step 3: Gather research about this issue. You?ll have to use academic sources like journals and books (not just your text book). It pays to contact the library or visit it to get help from a librarian. You will be looking for quantitative data (statistical data) and qualitative data (such as interviews or research findings). Present your findings in three to four paragraphs. Include references.
Step 4: Use the sociological imagination to describe your issue. That is, how is this a personal issue and how is it also a public issue? How is this historically significant and historically specific?
Step 5: Use one of the following three sociological perspectives to analyze your issue. You will have to demonstrate that you understand the perspective you choose and use the perspective to analyze what is taking place:
Structural Functionalism: In what ways does your issue relate to
social stability and instability?
Conflict Perspective: In what ways does your issue relate to power,
status and access to resources?
Interactionism: In what ways is your issue a product of rational
choice and symbolic interaction?
Step 6: Answer the following questions in order:
A. How does culture make this issue meaningful
B. How do our belief systems influence this issue?
C. How does this issue influence our belief systems?
Step 7: Explain how society makes this issue real
A. How are we socialized to respond to this issue?
B. How does the media and education deal with this issue?
Step 8: Summarize what you learned. One way to handle this part is to explain what you believed when you started the project and how the project has changed or influenced your beliefs. Include any new ideas that came to you. Also, mention how you developed new tools that you can use to analyze sociologically the world you live in.

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