Career research project: family physician Custom Essay

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1) Write an introduction (label it “Introduction”). Be sure and italicize your THESIS STATEMENT (italicize only the thesis statement in your introduction.) Design an introductory paragraph that creates interest in your reader and reflects the purpose of your project.

a. Introduction (thesis/topic paragraph about your career)

Example: One of the most exciting (lucrative, rewarding, fulfilling…) careers today is . In the US (around the world), is popular because….. I chose this field because I want to …..

2) Number and write each question, and then answer it. Answers must be in a full paragraph. Italicize (only) the topic sentence in EACH paragraph. Reference any statistics or quoted information used. If you are uncertain of how to reference a source, ask a Librarian. Do this EARLY in your writing preparation so that you don’t get caught at the end with improper or no references in your seven answers. (*Questions 2, 3, 5, and 7 require that you reference material from your research). The others are more personal answers but reference material from your research can strengthen them.)

QUESTIONS: Prepare in question and answer format. Information should be thoroughly presented in response to the questions.
1. Why did you choose this particular career?
Example: I chose this career because it is ……

2. *What personality characteristics are likely required for this career? How does you own personality match/not match?
Example: There are several personality characteristics required as a physical therapist. You should show compassion, understanding, knowledge…. My personality matches because I have always been interested in…..

3. *What education/training is required for this career? What is your plan for achieving this education/training?
(Include courses/degree plan for an Associates degree at a community college (HCC Catalog) or bachelor’s degree at a four year college/university)

4. What skills do you currently possess that will be helpful in this career? Which skills do you think you will have to work the hardest to develop?

5. *What is the outlook for this career? In terms of salary? Positions available? Future possibilities?

6. What do you think you will like the most about this career? What do you expect you will like the least?

7. *In relation to your career, where do you see yourself in five years? In ten years?

3) Write a conclusion, after the answered questions (Label it “Conclusion”). For different ways to conclude your paper, see the various suggestions in Chapter 12. Don’t forget to italicize your conclusion’s topic sentence.
Example: Overall, the field (or career) of is the job of the future. Based on the statistics, salary, …..

4) Include a REFERENCE on a separate page. Title the page (REFERENCE).
Bibliography/References (magazines, periodicals, journals, books, internet research…) MINIMUM OF 5 SOURCES REQUIRED
Example: Center title “REFERENCE”
Refer to APA (American Psychological Association) handout to list sources
You must include a MINIMUM of 3 bibliographic or electronic (website) entries. The other 2 should be a combination of books, magazines, journals, newspapers, or other print material. NOTE that the library handout shows how to do both electronic and print media.

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