Case “Philips versus Matushita: The Competitive Battle Continues” Important is to take a position on the case and support it Custom Essay

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Your performance will be assessed using the following dimensions:
1. Diagnosis – the degree of thoroughness, indicated by the use of all appropriate course materials (neither more nor less than applicable) and adequate citation of evidence (symptoms) from the case.
2. Solution – use of course material, realism, and feasibility given the facts and constraints of the case situation.
3. Action – sufficiently detailed, clearly outlined steps to be followed to implement the solution.
4. Evaluation – clear correspondence between the problem statement and solution(s) offered by the team; realistic success indicators identified.
When evaluating the case think of yourself as a consultant in an engagement with the firm in the case. Make recommendations and diagnose points as if you were presenting a recommendation to the senior management of the firm.

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