Case Report on Nokia: Business Interests Vs German Pressures Research Paper

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The report should not describe the case, but should focus on analytical insights and the recommendations that you derive from your qualitative (Why & How) and quantitative (What, Where, When) analysis.

The in-depth analysis should focus on the 3 QUESTIONS AT THE END OF THE CASE (elaborate on each of the questions), anticipate potential objections to your recommendations and illustrate its superiority over other alternatives. The report should be written as if you are a consultant trying to convince the CEO or board of directors about the validity of your recommendations.

Plan around 5 pages (1.5 spaced) + references + appendices. The structures should be as follows:
(1) introduction
(2) problem definition
(3) Analysis (qualitative & quantitative)
(4) recommendation(s)
(5) conclusion(s) and/or outlook
(6) literature
(7) appendices

Use these headings to structure your report. It makes it easier
for the reader to follow your logic. This report should be in
form of an executive summary written for the decision-maker
in the case.

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