MARKETING You have been appointed as a Marketing Consultant. In this role you are required to prepare a three-year marketing plan for Speedo in the U.K market Research Paper

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Complete Assessment briefing
Complete and clear assessment instruction has been developed incorporating:
? Advice, guidance and expectations
? Linkages between the assessment and module learning outcomes
? Marking criteria and detailed grading descriptors
These issues are contained in the following written Assessment Briefing. If you have any further queries either raise these in class with the tutor or email the module leader

7MK002 Marketing Management




Speedo has commissioned an environmental appraisal analysis of the UK market.
You have been tasked, as one of a team of 4-5 individuals, to conduct the environmental appraisal analysis for Speedo.

You are required to present your analysis in the form of an oral 15 minute presentation in w/c 6/02/11


? This presentation will form the basis for your graded assessment. At the end of the presentation a tutor will provide feedback that should inform the assessed assignment you are required to undertake for this module (i.e., the summative assessment). The assessed assignment brief will be distributed after the presentations have taken place.
? You have received a copy of the Speedo study. You should spend time studying the case study and engaging in further secondary research, where deemed necessary. However, you are strictly instructed NOT to contact any individuals or organisations mentioned in the case study, any other organisations in the industry.
? As in the real world, anomalies may be found within the case study so you may need to state what assumption you are making when addressing the task.



? Read the case study at least four to five times.
? Highlight relevant points in the case.
? It is often useful to do a preliminary analysis in order to categorise key point and organise you ideas and thoughts.

The above guidance point should enable you to get a better understanding of the case study before addressing the full environment appraisal analysis.


? Using SWOT and PLEEST in an appropriate manner identify and explain the key factors that emerge from the analysis. The PLEEST factors should inform your understanding of opportunities and threats. You should also consider other analytical models that you deem appropriate ? e.g., Porter?s five forces, TOWS etc.
? You should supplement the case with any additional secondary information you collect. However, ensure it is reliable and up-to-date.
? It is important that all members of your team contribute equally to the task and so group management skills will be very important.

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