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Product quality, anonymity, and confidentiality are my primary concerns. If you don’t feel you can meet these requirements please let me know immediately.

My preference is for a premium Australian writer, if available.

During the week, I am not usually available by phone (703) 618-8932 during the day. However, I am available from 16:00-20:00 Central Standard Time (U.S.) and both day and night on weekends and holidays. Also, I can check email every few hours.

Instructions for Preparation:

Turabian Style

Foot Notes instead of End Notes

Times New Roman 12 Font

Use or don’t use the charts provided as you see fit.

If necessary, I can provide additional instructions from the school.

Top = 1 inch
Left = 1.25 inch
Right = 1.25 inch
Bottom = 1 inch from the bottom edge of the paper to the bottom of the page number

Wikipedia cannot be cited as a source.

The goal is to have a thesis paper that with minimal changes can be defended and accepted to complete a requirement, not of my choosing. Since plagiarism is a concern, all research must be appropriately conducted, original, and/or properly cited.

Formatting in accordance with the Eighth Edition of Turabian.

I am open to suggestions regarding changes/additions/deletions; and, as long as the final product approximates the original thesis, I’ll be happy. I’m also OK with minor tweaks to the original thesis statement if it makes for a better product. Take what I have provided and add to/modify/format; whatever, as you are the experts, not I.

The final product needs to be at least 50 pages of text, not including bibliography, charts, title pages, etc.

I’ll handle the title page, and Table of Contents.

I would like to have the final product by the first week of February. Sooner is OK.

I also need about a 200 word abstract which will count as page 51.

The general format, while not carved in stone, needs to follow these guidelines:

Chapter 1, Introduction:
Statement of research question
Key terms
Limitations and delimitations
Significance of the study

Chapter 2, Review of the Literature:
Identifies patterns and finds gaps in the current literature which the research will attempt to fill.

Chapter 3, Research Methodology:
Outlines in detail the specific research methods and techniques applied to the problem.

Moves from general understanding of the research approach to an understanding of particular way you have adapted the research approach.

Explains how the research moved step-by-step, to answer the research question.

Must contain an explanation of the strengths and weakness of the chosen methodology.

Chapter 4, Analysis:
Presents, explains, analyzes, and interprets the evidence produced by the methodology.

Discusses the interrelationships in the evidence and how it relates to the research question.

Chapter 5, Conclusions and Recommendations:
State the discoveries that emerged from the interpretations of the research.

Demonstrate that the research question has been answered.

Presents the conclusion.

Explain the significance of the conclusion and make recommendations for further study.

Return the reader to the original research question and show how the research answered it and fulfills the basic obligation from chapter 1.

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