Community Assessment – Geriatric Population; This is a group project on Community Assessment? Custom Essay

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Geriatric Population. Please see the attachment for the case study and review the case carefully. I am ONLY responsible for Page 11 ? Topic Area: Health Conditions. Therefore, the assignment is to fill in the tables and complete the questions which are listed on Page 11 including Interpretation & Conclusion.
When you open the attachment, read it through carefully, Page 1-5 tells how this project is done, Page 6-9 is the case study which provides all data (national, state, and local) that we need to analyze later on, and from page 10-15 are the actual Group Project that need to be done, BUT I am ONLY doing PAGE 11 on Health Conditions!! So find out all the National/State and Local data that relates to Health Condition and put it into the table as provided. Then Interpret all the data, please refer to Page 5, it provides guidelines may assist in data interpretation. Finally, please write the conclusion.

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