Individual Report; “The importance of analysis and analytical skills to the manager making decisions in business” Custom Essay

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You should include a reflection on the benefits and limitations of the approach for the development and evaluation of the business opportunity you investigated in your project and for the case studies used in the module. You should also critique the effectiveness of the tools used.
You are expected to carry out some research and to do reading to provide evidence to support your views.
Your evaluation should be presented as a report with at least (you may wish to subdivide the middle section): an introduction, main discussion, conclusion or summary.
For example you may discuss a method such as project planning and you would present the strengths of the method, the weaknesses of the method how do you view the application of such a method in a business environment.
It is important to analyze what you have learnt during this module in order to become a better manager and decision maker. You should discuss several decision making methods of your choice here. Do not discuss a software application here; for example DO NOT discuss Microsoft Project, but rather project planning and management as a method. Similarly, you may want to talk about the use of databases in management decision making and NOT Microsoft Access, etc.

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