Comparative and Global Social Policy Custom Essay

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1. Compare and contrast the social democratic and the Bismarckian (conservative) models of social policy, using at least one example of each.

Consider the following:
1. What are the key features of each model?
2. Focus on specific countries (for example, Sweden and Germany). You can also add examples from other countries that belong to these models.
3. Compare specific policies in two or more areas, for example

Health care: public service in Sweden
insurance-based in Germany

Family policies: strong gender equality policies in Sweden, including childcare and parental leave
male breadwinner policies in Germany

also discuss some common challenges , such as:
� Pressures on public spending, resulting in cuts in benefit entitlements in Sweden post- 1992 crisis and Hartz reforms in Germany
� Hostility to refugees and asylum seekers
� Rise in elder care costs.

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