Case study in Abnormal Behavior Custom Essay

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Explain the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of the disorder analyzed in the Hilde case.
The Case of Hilde
Hilde is a 42-year-old homemaker who sought help from her family physician for a combination of complaints, including headaches, mild depression, and marital difficulties. The family physician had attempted to treat her with quick reassurance and Valium. When these proved ineffective, he referred her to a private psychiatrist. In the initial interview, Hilde appeared to be motivated, although at times she rambled so much that he had to bring her back to the subject at hand. As one listened to her, it became apparent that she had not really reflected in any depth on the issues that she discussed and was only pumping out information much as a computer would, she delighted in giving extensive historical descriptions of her past, again without much insight (or even interest) as to how these had any causal role in her present distress. When confronted with any irrelevancies in her stories, she first adopted a cute and charming manner, and if this proved Ineffective in persuading her psychiatrist to change topics, she became petulant and irritated.
When she described her present difficulties, she was always inclined to ascribe the responsibility to some person or situation other than herself. She stated that her husband was indifferent to her and added that she suspected he had been seduced by one of the secretaries in his office. This situation, along with a lot of stress in my life," was given as the reason for the headaches and depression. When pressed for more details, she found it hard to describe interactions with her husband in any meaningful detail.

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