COMPARE AND CONTRAST Nicolas Poussin’s “The Rape of the Sabine Women” 1636 oil on canvas and Pablo Picassos’s “Guernica” 1937 oil on canvas Custom Essay

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Comparison is an analysis of how things are alike. Contrast is an analysis of how things are different. Both are often involved in everyday life evaluation, especially when weighing alternatives.
When writing about art, consider style AND content.
For your midterm exam, you are to compare and contrast 2 paintings using the directions that follow. The paper must be 1200 words long. Do research about the artists and the paintings and include references to the elements and principles of design studied in the first part of this course. Submit all papers by the due date. All papers are to be submitted electronically.
1. Be sure to begin your paper with a clear introductory paragraph.
2. Follow with the body paragraphs in which you expand your ideas.
3. End with a strong concluding paragraph.
PROOF READ for spelling, grammar and content errors.

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