compares Solnit walking and Walser’s walking Custom Essay

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In the previous order which compares Solnit walking and Walser’s walking, I don’t think you have a very clear and debatable thesis, please take your time to revise the thesis and develop several paragraphs on the thesis and topic.You should have an arguable thesis at the end of first paragraph. Also, contrast these two author’s different feelings or thoughts about walking. In addition, the quotation you choose at the beginning is too long, please shorten it. And write more about Solnit’s feelings cause you write a lot about Walser. Try to let your whole paper be more coherent. Be thoughtful.The 1 page you can use for revising the previous paper cause I really don’t see a very clear thesis and well-developed body paragraphs. The another one page should be used to extend. So the total pages for this order plus previous order should be 5 to 5 and a half pages.

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