Comparison Matrix Review Custom Essay

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Read articles and make the correct comparison with the three.

This assignment was completed. This is the connection with Expanded Matrix Essay that is due now.

�Locate and print the completed Comparison Matrix you submitted in Module 2.
Perform the following tasks to complete this assignment:

1. Using the information from the completed Comparison Matrix, write an essay of 750-1,000 words. In your essay, compare the three studies. Include the information from Article 1 in your comparison. The paper should include the following sections:

�A comparison of the research questions posed for the studies
�A comparison of the sample populations used
�A comparison of the limitations of the study
�A conclusion and recommendations for further research.

�for the studies
�A comparison of the sample
1.Locate the completed Expanded Comparison Matrix with instructor feedback you submitted in Module 5.
2.Locate the Comparison Matrix to Paper assignment with instructor feedback you submitted in Module 4.
3.Use the instructor feedback provided for that paper to revise your paper.
4.To reach a final length of 1,250-1,500 words, add sections to your essay in which you compare the literature review and the study conclusions. Your comparisons should answer the following questions:
�In which study(ies) are the themes of the literature review similar? Different?
�Who (if any) are the authors that you see in common to the literature review of all three studies?
�In which study(ies) does the data support the conclusion?
�In which study(ies) does the conclusion answer the research question?
�What questions would you ask the author(s)?
5. Support your conclusions with appropriate citations.

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