Diversity Issues in Career Counseling-using case study Custom Paper

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Using the case(attached) analyze the impact of diversity issues on career counseling. Review the Diversity Issues in Career Counseling Scoring Guide to understand the grading criteria for this assignment.

-use Arthur and McMahon’s 2005 article, "Multicultural Career Counseling: Theoretical Applications of the Systems Theory Framework" from Career Development Quarterly, volume 53, issue 3, pages 208�222. as a reference

In your paper:
1.Analyze how gender, age, culture, SES, or other characteristics may influence your relationship with the client. You need to select a minimum of three characteristics or diversity issues.
2.State how biases and assumptions can impact the career counseling process both from your perspective as the counselor and from the perspective of the client.
3.Articulate the developmental models you will use to address these potential challenges with positive outcomes. For example, you can identify gender, life cycle, identity, or racial identity development models.

-Analyzes development models such as gender, lifecycle, identity, or racial that inform multicultural counseling competencies.
-Analyzes biases and assumptions and proposes strategies to mitigate them.
-Explains how biases and assumptions might impact work with clients on career issues, and proposes ways to address these biases and assumptions.

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