Consulting project; international business custom essay

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Consulting project
You have been engaged as a consultant by an entrepreneurial Australian company wishing to take its new venture global. Your brief is to write a plan to assist your client in this endeavour. Specifically, you should –

• Formulate a entry strategy (Depending on your client, you might consider entry into emerging markets);
• Perform an opportunity and risk assessment on the locations you recommend for entry and justify the selection;
• Provide advice on mode(s) of entry to each of the locations you recommend.

Select your client from the inventors on ABC’s New Inventors program found at You might contact the inventors for further information.

Above all, your advice should be useful for your client – a blueprint for action. It should be coherent and all sections should hang together based on some internal logic. Don’t make your plan too complex. There can be virtue in simplicity.

Other requirements
• You can write your project in a group of no more than 4 people. One person does not constitute a group. Please form your own groups
• Your project should be no more than 3000 words, excluding appendices
• Your report MUST be properly referenced and submitted to Turnitin via iLearn otherwise it will not be graded. If you are unsure what proper referencing means, find out. Ignorance does not excuse plagiarism
• A hard copy must be submitted to the assignment box in the Business School building reception desk before 4pm Monday Week 12
• This project is not difficult but it can be time consuming so you need to start early. Please discuss your project with Neva before you start writing
• Presentation, spelling and prose are expected to be of a high standard.

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