Context Analysis and Pedagogical Issues; Actually I”m quite satisfied with the introduction and the conclusion custom essay

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I”m sorry that you couldn”t do part 1.3 and part 1.4 accurately, I”ve noticed that it is difficult for you to do part 1.4 as you couldn”t discuss the nature of the change accurately, and that is related to part 1.3. as the aspect you chose is difficult to discuss, So these two parts must be rewritten again.

Please consider the following points in doing this revision:
A.In part (1.3) “Choose one aspect within your organisation where a web-enhanced elearning environment could be used to bring about change. Include a discussion on change in general and why it is required and how it can be managed as supported by the literature”. Please find one aspect (new one and replace it instead of the previous one) where a web-enhanced elearning environment could be used to bring about change. Please choose an aspect that you can provide great information about it and you can do it accurately, and you can discuss the nature of change in the next part (1.4).

B.In part (1.4) “Describe the nature of the change you would like to bring about and justify why the change is needed”, describe the nature of the change of the where a web-enhanced elearning environment could be used.

C.Please update the conclusion suit the changes that you’ve put on the paper.

Thanks again for everything you did for me, and I hope you consider my situation as I must get a good grade in this assignment to pass this unit

Type and Purpose:
The assignment is designed for you to reflect on your educational organisation and the learning that is expected. Your understanding of your current situation and why you want to bring about change should be explicit. The issue of managing change is to be researched and initial ideas of how web-based elearning may be introduced to your organisation to improve learning, is a major focus.

1.Forum postings – 450 words (please complete this part and send it in a separate document)
Note: I’ll attach an introduction and model answers to this part that may help you.

2.Written assignment – 2,350 words ( I’ll attach recommended readings which might help you writing this essay).

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