Critically analyse the tensions and conflicts inherent in international market segmentation for an international hospitality firm Research Paper

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Course name: Managing Hospitality in the International Context

For the topic, consider the issues in relation to hospitality organisations in the contempory international business environment. Cite examples and use the academic literature, including the hospitality academic literature, to support your ideas and argument.

Essay evaluation criteria:
Content clear understanding of the topic and concepts, adequate coverage of the topic and relevance of the material, application of material.

Research: evidence of adequate depth and breadth of research.

Reasoning: a logical argument and discussion, evidence of critical thinking and analysis.

Presentation: Essay format and structure only, with Harvard(Author Date)style referencing and correct Reference List.(An additional Bibliography is not required but a Reference List is essential.)

Note: In an academic essay you are expected to demonstrate to your reader that you have a position and perspective on the topic.

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