Critique Essay: Critiquing is scrutinizing thoroughly, taking both positive and negative aspects of a piece of material Research Paper


Critiquing is scrutinizing thoroughly, taking both positive and negative aspects of a piece of material. Similar to analyzing, the material is pulled apart, questioned and examined to determine the author’s/artist’s point. Then you, the student, decide whether the material in question is worthy. Critiquing is an important step towards being able to argue a point thoroughly. Without understanding both the material and the author’s point, an argument cannot be given merit.

? MLA format MUST be used for all essays submitted.
? 500 words maximum. (please include word count in MLA heading.)
? 1 inch margins, 12 Font, Times New Roman or Ariel ONLY.
? Thesis statement last sentence of first paragraph.

We will watch a movie in class. You will take notes during the movie then critique the movie using information and examples from the movie only.

The Essay:
Introduction include movie name and director.

Body give a thorough critique of the movie using descriptive and analytical language. Be creative with your words and analysis of the movie.

Consider the following:
? Avoid giving blanket statements like the movie was great/bad/it sucked I’m not as interested in whether you like the movie/story as I am in your ability to convey a meaningful critique
? What is the sociological/psychological value of the movie?
? If violence/sex/cursing is included, was it necessary?
? Staying power? Movie quality (acting, special effects, music, storyline)

Your essay will be graded on the following:-
? Thesis the stronger and more interesting your theses, the better your overall essay will be
? Creativity and effort remember this is an analysis essay so conveying the artist’s point of view is important to the reader. You need to make this clear using your own words
? Organization and natural flow (an essay should flow from one paragraph to another without it being obvious i.e. don’t make a point of using transition sentences; let your words do the work for you)
? In-text quoting complies with MLA requirements
? Content do not include the following words or phrases:
o I
o I think that/I believe that
o Keep to a minimum: Like/such as/for example
o The first/second example
o In conclusion
? Content ? while we all make mistakes, you should make a point of proofreading all your work before you hand it in for a grade
? Essay with a large number of errors will be returned ungraded. Mistakes distract the reader from what you are writing.

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