Critique the play “A doll’s house” by henrik Ibsen Custom Essay

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Please watch the play “A doll’s house” by henrik Ibsen, on youtube. In a 1 page response essay, please critique the play in answering ALL of the following 8 questions. 1) Is the plot of this play character or action driven? How do you know? 2) Did any elements of the plot work particularly well for you as an observer? Consider exposition, inciting incident, climax, etc. 3) What genre does this play fall into? Why? 4) What important aspects of the play’s world are revealed? Consider political, religion, and threatening conditions as contributors to the environment. 5) Were any theatrical conventions used? Were they effective? Why or why not? 6) What is the theme or main idea presented in the play? 7) What type of theater space do you think this play would best be performed in live? Thrust, proscenium, arena, etc. Why? 8) Did this play have any particular meaning to you personally? If so, what?

There may be NO extension on this!

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