Prompt for Cultural Experience – San Diego Asian Film Festival Paper Custom Essay

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Prompt for Cultural Experience – San Diego Asian Film Festival Paper (15% of your final grade):

You must write a 3-5 page paper on two of the films or media programs that you saw at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. It is

acceptable for the paper to be longer than 5 pages, but the arguments and discussion must be as clear and as concise as possible.

Please also state whether or not you have ever attended a film festival before. If you have or have not, what did you think of the

SDAFF experience? Would you attend again? What were some of the successes of the festival and/or what would have made the festival

experience better for you?

The paper must use proper citation of film titles. If the film is not cited correctly you will FAIL the assignment. The paper should

focus on film form that we have examined in our readings or discussions. Example: you can discuss compositional structure of a

particular scene or shot or how the film uses sound or even color to impart meaning.

How is the film similar or different than other films you have seen? How was the film made? How will the film be distributed? If you

saw a film where there was a question and answer discussion period, what are some of the highlights of that discussion?

You must include cited references (author and pg. number) to at least 2 different readings in your paper. You must include a

bibliography at the end of the paper. One of the readings cited must be from Mimura.

A good analytical discussion about the audience reaction to the film will be given extra consideration.

Papers are due no later than Monday, November 25th by 5 pm on Turn It In (Week 9). Early submissions are greatly appreciated. Papers

must be posted electronically on Turn-it In.

Two films I watched:
1. Will you still love me tomorrow? (Arvin Chan, from Taiwan)
2. Unbeatable (Dante Lam)

This is my first time attending SDAFF. I highly recommended it and for sure will go again next year. It is a fantastic experience to

see Asian movies in America since I am from Hong Kong.

Both theme of the movie: About life, and the attitudes towards life.

Composition of particular scene in Unbeatable:
When Ming-Jun Huang is listening to the music, and flashbacking old days with his dead son and mature daughter. The camera is blurred

and with grey and brown color. Usually medium shot.

Composition of particular scene in Will you still love me tomorrow?
When Ah Feng was talking to Mandy about life and whether she is have abortion or going back to her fianc�, she said, �Life will not go smooth even when you deeply think about the decision you are going to make� It is medium and closed-up shot. The light is a bit dark, which signifying the problem they are talking about is very serious.

Sounds used in Unbeatable:
There is a classical music used in the movie; Ming-Jun is listening to that music to calm her worries and mental disability.

Sounds used in Will you still love me tomorrow?
Ah Feng performed the song �Will you still love me tomorrow?� in front of Da Cheng when she got drunk because she knows her husband is actually gay, but still get married with her because he wants to be treated normal.

Unbeatable: this is the first Hong Kong film I watched, which is not about love story. I love one of the line Ching Fai said in the movie: You only live once. Even though I may die in the MMA boxing competition, but at least I have do something for myself. I have been wasting my time for 20 years; I do not want to have nothing (memorable thing) when I become old and died.

Will you still love me tomorrow?
Since in Chinese culture, we seldom talk about same sex marriage, it is a very extraordinary Taiwan film talking about same sex marriage, and how are those people�s life.

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