Design an evaluation of a HR program or system using the 6-phase program as defined in EHRP custom essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to design an evaluation of a HR program or system using the 6-phase program as defined in EHRP. As well, this assignment should give you practical experience in selection of the various measures/indices as described in MHRM. Although you will not complete this evaluation, the assignment?s goal is to increase your learning of the concepts and knowledge provided in this course and to give you an evaluation program that you could actually use in a workplace.

Select a topic in which you are interested or for which you feel there is a need within an organization.
The organization can be the one in which you work or with which you are very familiar and where you can access enough information to complete the assignment. If you desire, you could use an organization that has a lot of public information. The caution is to select an organization where enough information is known or could be gathered through public sources to provide sufficient detail to develop your evaluation program.
The 6-phase program is the foundation for this assignment. Ensure you address the concepts and critical information covered in Phases 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Since you are not collecting the data, you will not have the required information for Phase 4.
Ensure that when you are conceiving, developing, and designing your evaluation program, you consider the measures, tools, and concepts presented in MHRM and other reading provided in the course work. This is Phase 2 and part of Phase 3.
In Phase 3, you will not be actually collecting the data, but you will have to discuss the methodology that you will use to collect the data and have a specific plan to do this. Include any tools that you will use to collect the data. If there is a coding scheme, include that, too.
Develop a plan for communication of the end results (Phase 5) and any other applicable concepts from Phase 6 that will work for your evaluation program at this point. There may only be a few that you can plan for since you don?t have the evaluation results.
Consider the measures, formulas, tools, and concepts presented in MHRM and the additional readings. This assists you to consider what data you are going to collect, how you are going to collect it, and the process by which you will analyze it.
Please ensure that your evaluation program is well rounded and does not just measure one aspect of the HR program.
Also consider the strategic role of HR management in the organization.
There is a 14-page limit for the content of the paper. The 14 pages do not include your cover page or appendices. Use headings to make the sections easy to identify.
If you have any data collection tools (surveys, etc.), please include them as appendices.
To understand if you have ?completed? the work, ask yourself these questions:
Do I have enough information in this document to implement this evaluation?
Once I collect the data, do I have enough instructions to start my analysis?
If I were to implement this evaluation, is the communication plan complete enough that I would be able to follow it?
Remember the goal of this assignment and this course is to gain knowledge and the ability to execute a real HR program evaluation. This assignment is all the work that would be involved in a real HR program evaluation without actually collecting the data or completing the analyses.
There are a number of sections worth 10%. Remember that the weight is only a guide when considering the volume of content. I am not expecting that all the sections will be the ?same? length, nor do I have a magic volume formula for the relationship of a 10% section and a 20% section, but the 10% should be shorter than the 20% section.
Remember that we have been studying the 6-phase evaluation process (EHRP) during this course. This process and some of the information and concepts in the book should be considered and reflected in your paper.

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