Develop Marketing Plan Custom Essay

Students are to read the following extract regarding Starbuck’s stance on marketing to young customers (included in Learner Activities book). Students are to undertake the role of a marketer and stakeholder for Starbucks and present a completed marketing plan to launch a range of products to children. The plan must incorporate the following:

Part A – develop a marketing plan
1) Identify and/or develop organisational objectives in regards to launching a new line of product for children and acknowledging Starbuck’s younger customers
2) Evaluate the risks of these objectives including a SWOT
3) Look at marketing opportunity options (joint ventures, new ventures, product extensions)
4) Develop marketing strategies that can deliver the identified organisational objectives
5) Evaluate what resources and capabilities would be required to deliver these strategies
6) Outline the marketing mix to deliver the strategies and a rational for the chosen mix
7) Detail tactics to implement the strategies including an implementation (action) plan with timeline, scheduling and persons responsible. The timeline should allow for the plan to be approved by management and changes made before implementation.

Part B – reviewing the marketing plan
8) Develop a marketing performance review strategy and monitoring mechanisms to determine if strategies are effective once implemented
9) Justify that the marketing strategies meet legal and ethical requirements. Identify where this might be challenged (e.g. marketing to young people)
10) Identify potential stakeholders who will need to sign-off on the marketing plan
11) From your list of potential stakeholders, select one whom you will now represent. Consider the marketing plan from the perspective of this stakeholder, and assuming you are this stakeholder, provide 200 words of feedback on the plan in terms of how it will impact on you (as the stakeholder) and if it will meet your needs in the delivery of the product.
12) Returning to the role of the marketer, include a paragraph on what you might need to adjust in the marketing plan in response to the feedback from the above ‘stakeholder’. Discuss if the feedback will impact on your ability to implement the plan within the required timeframe.
Students are to read and understand from the article that management acknowledges:
 Starbucks is a family venue
 The under-18 set has become part of the coffee chain’s customer base
 The need to add new drinks or drink sizes that better meet the needs of kids or teens
 And that if children come into Starbuck stores unsupervised, Starbuck’s need to have products that are appropriate to that age group.

This is the article about Starbucks:

Starbucks rethinks stance on young customers
Company acknowledges that teens and children are part of market base
Dustin Doty, 13, enjoys a pastry with his beverage at the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting this year. Doty’s mother recently purchased shares of Starbucks stock for him.
Elaine Thompson / AP file. Source:

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