Diagnose The Conflict Using the ‘Dynamics of Trust’ Model Custom Essay

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Diagnose the conflict using the ‘Dynamics of Trust’ model
How does this model help you understand and diagnose the conflict?
Explain the attributes each party is making in the conflict.
What situation or intrinsic attributions are being missed by either party?
What confidence building measures would help each party start to rebuild their relationship?
What additional information do you need about the conflict to help you in diagnosing the conflict?
What confidentiality issues do you see in this conflict situation?
Reference at least two peer-reviewed journal articles that address this model and/or attributions.

Using your scenario, complete the worksheets model found in your textbook on page 156. Attach the worksheets as exhibits to your paper.

In addition, if in the application of this model to your case scenario you determine that you need additional information to assist the parties in resolving the conflict, create the facts or information you need and attach this new information for your case scenario as an exhibit in your paper. You will use these additional facts and information in other weeks of the course when applying other models in diagnosing and resolving the conflict.

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