Evidence you understand the textbook material on your selected topics and can explain the implications of this and your research for your allocated organisation, its CEO, other staff, or competitors Custom Essay

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2- I had to assignment in Boost Juice Company I got in the first one 71 out of 100
And in the Second one is 780ut of 100 (1 will send these 2 Assignment with feedback from teacher, Please , SEE these and Write and flow the same structure and style of writing and quality) Because This one has a big percentage 40%
3- you can choose 0r 3 topics (The teacher advise me to choose Motivition, and Managing people but This depends on the article which you use. This meain If you don�t found Journals article about these two topics , and you found another Article which is related with these you can use Managing in global environment or Managing information or Decision Making .
Please see the Attachment For The article I used and the essay 1,2 and please flow the same but deferent two or three topics which related with article you used
The main things use the BOOKS to write the concepts
Then Explain How is this related with article as a comment.
Please do not forget what I have written in two assignments before because this has a 40% and I would to get hiher what I get before
Also, read more details and tips below

Graduate Qualities Assessed Informed Innovative and Flexible Socially Responsible Connected Communicators Marking Criteria 1. Evidence you understand the textbook material on your selected topics and can explain the implications of this and your research for your allocated organisation, its CEO, other staff, or competitors, etc. (50%) 2. Ability to communicate effectively through writing (15%) 3. Appropriate acknowledgement of ideas you have read elsewhere (15%) 4. Correctness of writing, ie grammar, punctuation, referencing, and so on (15%) 5. Conformity to the style and format guidelines specified in the
1. The assignment should be word-processed in Word with 1.5 spacing and margins of at least 3 cm. Please do not submit to the dropbox in pdf format. 2. If you use an additional article or other source material, please include the main additional item as an attachment. 3. Include a completed Faculty of Commerce coverpage as the first page of your assignment. Be sure to complete the originality declaration
Length Up to 2,500 words excluding any additional items such as coverpage, references, appendices, etc. Weighting 40%
Detailed information TOPIC: Choose relevant research sources about the business media and/or an annual report about the organisation you wrote about for Essay 1. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING: Which two or three topics from the list below are most crucial to the future of your organisation? Why? Motivation Decision-making Managing in a global environment Managing change and/or diversity Managing people Managing information TIPS:
If you are having difficulty getting media material about your organisation, consider using an article about its industry. For example, if you have been allocated a shoe store, consider the shoe industry in general, and the retail industry. Use the mentor assignment and marking guide, as before. you. As before, ensure this is a genuinely new assignment. To avoid possible penalties for plagiarism, be sure reference any material you used earlier or which is sourced from elsewhere, including from other students’ work.
Thanks a lot

additional information
Please work hard in the essay becuse in this subjects no final exam and this essay
has a 40% .
Dont dor get My company is Boost JUICE
AND SEE the attachments and read carefully specially the ESSAY 2 (THE FIS PAGE IS EMPATY BUT THE SECOND ONE IS HAS THE ESSAY

In MGMT901 we do not require you to use academic (refereed) journals very much. However it is useful to know how to follow up textbook references so that you can read the whole paper from which your textbook gives just the main points. You might also want to use higher-level journals to study a topic in greater depth. A few of the topic academic (refereed) journals in general management are:
The Academy of Management Executive
Academy of Management Review
Academy of Management Journal
British Journal of industrial Relations
California Management Review
Human Relations
Journal of General Management
Journal of Management & Organization
Journal of Management Studies
Organization Science
Organization Studies
Long Range Planning
A great deal of material available online may not be of high academic quality, even though you retrieved it through ProQuest or another library database. To check whether an item you have retrieved is refereed (that is, it has been checked by a panel of academic reviewers), is to check the name of the journal (not the article itself!) in the Ulrichs database (under U in the list of library databases). Ulrichs database shows which journals are refereed by allocating them an ‘academy’ symbol.
This is not an exhaustive list of references. Students should also use the library catalogue and databases to locate additional resources.

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