Dialogue of the mind body debate from the point of view of Descartes and Searle Research Paper

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Resources: Selection 3.2: Republic?Plato and Selection 3.4: Meno?Plato in Ch. 3 of Philosophy: The Power of Ideas

Imagine philosophers Ren? Descartes and John Searle were in a room discussing the mind?body question. How might their conversation sound? What important elements of the question might they discuss? How might their conversation develop?

Create a 700- to 750 -word dialogue of the mind?body debate from the point of view of Descartes and Searle.

? Each character must present and critique arguments.
? Each character?s position must be identifiable.
? The dialogue does not need to have a final resolution.
? Include the following issues:

o Is the mind independent of the body? Is the mind more than the electrical impulses generated by the brain?

? Descartes believed we can doubt the existence of physical matter, including our bodies, but we cannot deny our conscious minds.

? Searle believes the mind is a rule-based information processing system.

o Are the mind and body two separate entities, or are they dependent on each other?

Conclude with a 350- to 400-word summary of the dialogue and response. Discuss how your own views relate to the mind?body debate.

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