Employment Law Case Study; senior management to act as your guideline throughout the evaluation and writing process Custom Essay

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First construct a template in the form of a report to senior management to act as your guideline throughout the evaluation and writing process. This format organizes the document, how it looks, feels, and reads. When you begin to write the paper, first identify each problem that is explored within the case study. As you explore the problem, give as much background as necessary. Answer the questions or resolve the issues presented in the case study.
Submit at least 6 to 7 pages of solution for the case study you have selected (not including the cover page). You are not required to follow APA guidelines. Fewer than 6 to 7 pages disqualifies your paper from consideration and results in a grade of Zero. Cite to primary authorities; for example: case, statute, government site or document, reviewed study or paper, or original survey, to support your actions, conclusions and recommendations. Place these citations in the body of your report to support an action you take, statement of fact or law you make, and each conclusion and recommendation. There is no minimum or maximum number of such citations. Bear in mind this is a report on which management relies for the actions they take. They are relying on you for guidance that minimizes risk to them and the company.
Each case study sets out specific facts and circumstances and contains instructions as to what you are expected to do. Remember your role is HR director and you must justify your solutions to management as well as comply with applicable laws, regulations, company policies and procedures, and ethical standards.
Justify the ethical standard(s) you apply. A rule of thumb: are you doing the right thing under the circumstances? Consider the following elements after determining that what you do or propose to do is legal:
• Whom does it affect and how does it affect them?
• Is it fair? is it honest?
• How would you feel if you were the object of your decision?
• Have you considered other reasonable alternatives?
• Are you willing to stand by your decision/recommendation regardless of its personal consequences to you?
• What might be the public relations fallout of a particular course of action?

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