The mandatory bid rule is superfluous. Protection for minority shareholders exists already in UK company law Discuss. Custom Essay

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(i) In terms of style, you should use the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) avail. at:

(ii) The argument that you present in the essay should be backed up by the evidence that you have obtained – in the form of specific references to the legal sources discussed immediately above. Proper evidence takes the form of specific references to books, articles etc complete with relevant pages numbers. Page numbers must be supplied so that sources can be checked by the examiners.

(iii) For the purposes of this course, mere inclusion of material in a bibliography is not taken as evidence that you have read and understood the ideas of the authors whose work is listed in the bibliography. Only reference to material in footnotes is treated as proper evidence but even then references might be checked to ensure that your understanding is correct, hence the importance of accurate references – including page numbers.

(iv)For an essay of 3000 words, students would be expected to refer to at least 30 different legal sources – statutes, cases, codes, policy documents and refereed articles. Ensure that your sources are proper legal sources – and not, for example, un-refereed internet-sourced ‘articles’. The objective is to get you to engage with respected academics and other thinkers, who produce quality contributions to the understanding of mergers and acquisitions. This kind of quality contribution is unlikely to come from un-refereed internet sources. An exception would be some of the papers available from SSRN.

(v) Good composition, expression and grammar are essential in order to properly communicate your ideas – and will be taken into account in the final mark for this module. Please make sure that you avoid sloppy errors by using the Microsoft Word spell check function (or equivalent).

(vi) The best example of the style of writing and referencing that you should aspire towards (even if you cannot yet reach it) is to be found in the refereed legal journals – such as the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies.

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