Ethical Scenario on Abortion Research Paper

Scenario Three: Abortion
Call to ban abortion clinic filming
“ANTI- ABORTION protesters can continue filming people outside abortion clinics despite recommendations the state government ban it.
Chair of the Victorian Law Reform Commission, Professor Neil Rees, has urged the state government to make it an offence for someone to use a surveillance device such as a camera to intimidate, demean or harass people.
Professor Rees said the recommendation was made in a government-commissioned Victorian Law Reform Commission report last year in response to people using surveillance devices in an offensive way, including outside abortion clinics and gay bars.
His comments follow calls from abortion clinics for protest exclusion zones outside their premises because protesters are now filming people entering and exiting clinics and feared how the footage would be used.
Health Minister David Davis has refused to comment.”
(From Medew, J. Call to ban abortion clinic filming. The Age (Melbourne), p.5, 3 June 2011)

Abortions are legally accessible (although the precise conditions which must be fulfilled vary from state to state) and publicly funded through Medicare (therefore economically accessible) in Australia. In general, do you believe that abortion should be more or less accessible to women than it currently is?
Use the four principles of biomedical ethics (autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice) and/or the three ethical theories (deontology, consequentialism and virtue ethics) to explain why or why not.
Explain why other people in the community take a different view to your own, also using the ethical principles and/or theories. As part of your discussion, note why the protestors in the extract above believe that their actions are justifiable, and say whether you think they are correct or not. Present a summary that briefly reiterates why you believe your own view on the accessibility of abortion is preferable to the views of others.

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