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Why has it become necessary to ask moral (ethical) questions in the present global economic conditions? This question organizes the programme for the module Ethics & Business. By their very nature business’s decisions and actions, many argue, are oblivious (if not contrary) to the kind of concerns related to morality. So far in the module, we have seen that this is far from being the case. In fact, when considering business? decisions and actions, as much as individuals decisions and actions, we naturally (unreflectively) employ a particular Moral Framework, Utilitarianism, to explain why these are oblivious to the kind of issues immediately recognized as deserving moral consideration.
Your task in this essay is to consider (describe, explain, analyze, evaluate) a particular business’s decision or practice, which raises ethical concerns, from at least two of the other Moral Frameworks (Contractualism, Ethics of Virtue, or Deontology) we have reviewed in the first half of the term. That is, DO NOT include the Utilitarian Moral Framework.
In your essay, you must: a – provide a brief definition, using your own words, of each Moral Framework;
b state the moral problem clearly, which may refer to a recent high-profile case or to one of your own design; and
c provide an explanation of (and solution for) the moral problem from the perspective of each of the chosen Moral Frameworks.
Feel free to use an alternative format. If you choose to do so, you may write the essay as, for instance,
i transcripts of a debate among philosophers; ii the minutes of a global corporation board meeting; iii transcripts of a meeting of the person(s), community, and business(es) involved in the case, or iv a newspaper or magazine report.
Remember!! You will be marked according to the criteria included in the module outline. So, whichever format you choose, you need to write in such a way as to follow the guidelines for writing a good essay.

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