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Part I. Financial Ratios (10%) – Your task in Part I. is to complete Financial Summary, section ?Financial Ratios? in file ?Fenner_Financials_MBA530?.

Part II. Credit Analysis Memorandum (90%) – Your task in Part II is to write a memorandum in which you will discuss results of your analysis in a memorandum with the following structure:

Section I. Analyze most recent financial performance of the company and assess its current situation.

Section II. Present your assessment of projected financial statements for Y22 and Y23. Are they reasonable or do you suggest any revisions?

Section III. Answers to questions below:
a. Is what the borrower has requested (in terms of amount, term, purpose) what the borrower actually needs?
b. Repayment schedule of requested credit facility coincides with the projected cash flows prepared by Mr. Elkin. Do you have any concerns about Fenner?s ability to repay the loan on schedule (relate your answer to your arguments in Section II)?
c. What financial indicators would you monitor in order to detect potential problems with repayment?

Section IV. Summarize key risks associated with the requested facility and present your recommendation.

Additional guidelines for your analysis – read the case and consider the following key issues:
– Identify the key credit opportunities and financial risks in the Fenner Building Supplies account. Relate these opportunities and risks to the industry, management and business conditions of the company.
– Consider the nature of FBS?s credit request in the light of these credit opportunities and risks.
– Review carefully both the company and industry information, financial statements and the projected financial condition and results. Suppose that you are the Credit Risk Manager of Dunya Bank, review the historical and projected income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. As a bank officer you are trying to assess whether the revolving credit facility, which Murat has requested, meet the requirement of being:
o The correct amount for the company?s needs
o Appropriately structured as to term
o Matched with the repayment capacities of the company

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