Introduction of a validatorian speaker; I need a speech to introduce a validatorian at a university commencement Custom Essay

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Here are some information about the speakee that i will introduce

1. Married, mother of3.
2. Manager of Blind Ambition dragon boat team. First team of visually impaired paddlers in the country since 2002
3. Team just returned from competing in DC.
4. Degree – graduating with masters degree
4.Currently serving as commissioner appointed by the Governor in 2011 as Commissioner to the Oregon Commission for the Blind.
5. Work: Independent Living Specialist/recreation coordinator for Independent Living Resources since 2002.
6. Was in my class FIN310 (corporate finance) during his undergraduate study and MOL 502 (ebusiness) in her Masters program
7 Guide dog bio: Nisha 5 year old Coated German shepherd trained at Guide Dogs of the Desert in Palm Spring Ca.

This introduction will last for 5 mins. i want the best spin on this with high quality

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