Research Paper Some Aspect of Susan Glaspell’s Custom Essay

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I will upload the detail of the work in the file, please check it out and read it clear before you start the work.
1.(one page of the work, due11:30pm. 07/25/2012, NY time zone)a paragraph describing the subject of your paper,Locating the Scribner essay on your writer and preparing
2.(one page of the work, due11:30pm. 07/26/2012, NY time zone)Conduct a search of the MLA index. Based on the titles of the sources and the descriptors provided by MLA, identify the secondary sources you feel are most important for your topic,(at least 10 points)
3.(one page of the work, due11:30pm. 07/29/2012, NY time zone) An annotated bibliography of the sources you will be using for your paper. You must have at least 4 of the most relevant secondary sources on your topic (all of them listed in the MLA)
4.(four pages of the work, due11:30pm. 07/31/2012, NY time zone)The ready research paper.

please only find the sources byt this link.—– YOU NEED A user name and password TO ACCESS THE WEB, i HAVE PUT THEM in the file. you should not have problem to open it up.
contact me anytime you need. thanks.

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