Patterns in Parenting Custom Essay

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You have been selected by your principal to organize from start to finish a 4/5 day workshop for parents. Based on what you have learned in this class and what you feel is important from your own experiences, establish workshops to create better communication/relations between the family and school. The format is TOTALLY UP TO YOU! Name the conference, state who might present the workshops and decide if you want 4/5 days in a row or whatever time frame you think is best. Describe what each day will look like, and name each workshop. Select 4/5 major topics to present, and outline each topic in length. Explain the rationale for each of the workshops you will be presenting. You do not need to use paragraph form if you do not want to and feel it may be more effective in another form. Remember, you are in charge.

Home-School Relations; Working Successfully with Parents and Families, by Glenn Olsen and Mary Lou Fuller. 3rd Edition, 2008, Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN#: 978-0-205-49840-6

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