From Robert Frost to Literary Works Custom Essay

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Write an analysis of one full-length work written by your mentor, focusing on explicating an important but less obvious aspect of your mentor’s work. You may want to be a formalist in this essay to begin but should also include other schools of literary criticism, such as new historicisms. Depending on the length of the work you are analyzing, and to complete a six-page paper, you will need to select several short stories or several poems. Remember that you need to use three-four reliable sources.
Prompt Two: Essentially, you will develop your own argument that responds to the literary critic’s interpretation of the original text. You will need to have read the text(s) being analyzed and know it well enough to support your argument. This should be the work you read for your reading log assignment. By focusing on how details from the original text more persuasively support your argument, you will refute the critic’s claims about the text. This is where you may select one (of the three) specific argument to go against. If you select one argument to go against, your essay should still include mention of the other two arguments. Analyze how the critic (or critics) make their individual claims, and then discuss why those claims are persuasive or not and how they inform your understanding of your mentor’s work. You may want to include what you think the critics are overlooking about your mentor’s work.

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