Political Science Final Essay (Plato’s Republic and Hobbes Leviathan and Elizabeth Anderson) Custom Essay

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Elizabeth Anderson argues that elites have an obligation to use their position in society to improve the lives the least advantaged. She worries that the education system as we currently construct it is not producing elites who possess the right kinds of knowledge to think about the needs of the least advantaged. Instead she argues that elites should be educated in order to provide responsiveness and effective service of the interests of people in all sectors of society (Anderson, 596). Anderson goes onto explain the four features of responsiveness that need to be addressed in education. Identify those four features of responsiveness and explain why education in each of those would produce elites who are able to provide the kind of public service for which Anderson advocates. After setting out Anderson’s argument choose the following authors: Plato, Hobbes. For the two authors you have chosen explain the role that each expects elites to play how do these authors understand effective service toward the peoples in a society? How might this service facilitate people living together peacefully? Would these two authors agree with Anderson on the obligations of those in power? Would those two authors potentially agree with Anderson on the need for a proper education to produce leaders who are capable of fulfilling these obligations?

The successful essay will:
1) Outline Anderson’s four features of a responsive education
2) Explain how those features produce leaders more able to fulfill their obligations
3) Choose two of the following theorists: Plato, Hobbes
4) Explain the obligations of those in leadership positions for each of the two chosen theorists
5) Analyze whether those two theorists would agree with Anderson’s understanding of the obligations of leadership
6) Analyze whether those two theorists would agree with the emphasis Anderson puts on the need for a proper education for those leaders.
7) Consistently draw on passages, examples and details from the texts in question

-Use Plato’s Republic and Hobbes Leviathan

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