General Education Assignment Speech Evaluation Essay Custom Essay

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Assignment description: In response to a speech presentation that you will select from the website,,prepare a 2 page (500-700 words),typed critique addressing the following questions.

Begin your essay with a brief description of the presentation including details of the setting,circumstances, purpose of the presentation, and audience demographics.

1.What additional information could have deepened your understanding of the topic?

2. How did the speaker’s communication skills and delivery style influence your perceptions of the presentation?

3.How did the speaker establish credibility? How would you rate the use of the critical thinking in the preparation and discussion of the topic?

4.What role do you believe technology played in the research,planning and/or delivery of this presentation?

5. How does this presentation influence your awareness of issues of diversity and cultural appreciation?

6.What aspects of the speaker’s presentation have given you new insights for approaching issues in communcation that you have studied in this course?

7.Overall, was the presentation effective or ineffective that we discussed in the class to make your case.

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